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Cloverfield Celebrates Its 250th Anniversary with Pride

For Immediate Release: August 10, 2011
Media Contact: Ann Smith
Cloverfield Town Office

CLOVERFIELD, VT – The citizens of Cloverfield, Vermont celebrated the town’s 250th anniversary on August 20, 2011, marking the establishment of the town Charter, originally issued in 1761. The festivities began with a 250 yard dash to the town center, where a parade then traveled the length of Main Street to the town green for a barbeque.

Library ground breakingA highlight of the celebration was the ground-breaking ceremony for a new, state-of-the-art library that will be named after the Baxter family. This fifth generation Vermont family generously donated the funds to establish a repository for town historical documents, as well as build a 21st century information resource for the people of Cloverfield.

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2011-10-31:  New Zoning Rules for Cloverfield

The Town of Cloverfield Zoning Board is starting the process to determine new zoning rules. Please attend the next meeting on November 1, 2011 for more information.

2011-10-31:  25 MPH Town-Wide Speed Limit

At the October 19, 2011 meeting, the Public Works Commission voted to adopt a 25 mph tow-wide speed limit! Click here for more information.

2011-10-31:  Flood Recovery Information

Information and Resources for repair and recovery from the 2011 Irene Flood:

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  • Send Us Your Pictures

    We are looking for images that best portray what Cloverfield has to offer for both residents and visitors.
    Do you have digital photographs you would like to share on the town website such as pictures of Cloverfield scenery, the waterfront, downtown or events like the 4th of July or the Harvest Festival?
    Please click this link to a form for submitting photos.

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